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It is the mission of Village Habitat Design to improve the quality of communities and to protect the environment. We do this by providing planning and design services for the development of sustainable communities, and to assist with increasing the sustainability of existing communities.

We believe sustainability requires the following:

  • Making sustainable community work in the market place.
  • Preserving land by using off setting density.
  • A full range of housing choices from affordable single occupant homes and small family homes, to luxury homes within a community.
  • Improving the utilization of resources within the community.
  • Opportunities to grow food locally.
  • Building with materials which are renewable, durable, and energy efficient.
  • Making it possible to live without relying on automobile travel as a part of daily life. That is, to make the community walkable and to include as many of the daily needs as possible within the community, including places of work.

It is also part of our mission to educate people about the economic, social, and ecological costs of suburban sprawl development, and how those costs are reduced in well planned, sustainable development.

Ultimately it is our goal to improve how real estate is developed in this country.