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Sen. Max Cleland
U.S. Senator
"It is my belief that communities like East Lake Commons will be instrumental in teaching planners, developers and public officials some great ways to meet the challenges we face."

Randal Arendt
Nationally recognized planner and author  

"East Lake Commons marks a milestone in the field of community design, and is destined to become a major landmark in the progress of the planning profession. It demonstrates how social, architectural, spatial, and environmental values can be successfully combined in wonderfully innovative ways that work extremely well on multiple levels for their lucky inhabitants."

Sarah Susanka

Author of The Not-So-Big House

"In my travels around the U.S. I've met with many people involved in the design of our environment. Just of a few groups seem to understand the issues we're facing today at a more profound level, and their work stands out. Village Habitat Design is definitely one of those. "

Hugh Kelly
Real Estate Developer
East Side Bungalows

"Robert Reed, of Village Habitat Design, is the man to go to for designing intown properties. He did a tremendous job working with our Kirkwood property, delivering a design that highly complements the character of the neighborhood and provides the immediate area with a brand new park. "
" In particular, his work with the neighborhood association made my job as a developer significantly easier."

Nancy Lowe
Lake Claire Commons

"Before moving into Lake Claire Commons we were concerned that we would not have enough privacy. After 4 years what we have found is that privacy is not an issue for us. In fact, we often feel we have more privacy that we did before."

Pam Wiloughby
East Lake Commons

"Living at East Lake Commons has completely changed my mind about what everyday reality can be. I used to live in Dunwoody, one of Atlanta's most desirable neighborhoods. But East Lake Commons, despite being in a less desirable inner-city location, feels a hundred times more like a real community than Dunwoody. It is more attractive physically and provides my children with much better opportunities for safe play and exploration. I wouldn't trade it for anything!"
Diane Diacon
Building + Social Housing Foundation

"East Lake Commons successfully demonstrates how residential development can be carried out in a socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable manner."