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Catawba Reservation
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Rock Hill, South Carolina
Property Area
300 Acres
Land Preserved
265 Acres, 88% of site
# Units
90 Single Family, 30 Multi-family, 30 Live-work, 2 Community Centers
Developer Entity
Catawba Indian Nation with Iswa Development, Inc.
Home Ownership
Long term lease, owned by Catawba Indian Nation
Home Prices
30% complete
Services Provided
Programming, Master plan, Site plan, Housing schematic design

Project Features:

Housing choices include: Single family detached, single family attached, assisted living and foster home.

Mixed use includes: Retail, craft teaching and sales, business incubator, elder care, Working farm, multiple community / learning centers.

Pedestrian layout: Uninterrupted walking access from homes to village greensand ceremonial area by river.

Cultural features: Processional greenways for ceremonies, support for multi-generational housing options, symbolism incorporated in master plan, elders park, Veterans Park, agriculture within village area .

Environmental features: Water quality protection, Greenspace

In 1998 the Catawba Indian Nation hired this firm to prepare comprehensive planning for their new 300-acre ecologically sustainable reservation. Our staff conducted meetings with the leadership of the Catawba tribe to integrate tribal traditions into a community plan that meets current and future needs of the tribe while promoting the culture of it’s people.

Planning for the Catawba nation enhances access to the economy by tribal members, housing access, cultural rejuvenation, construction training programs for construction of homes, elder participation in the community and life-cycle housing, land preservation, watershed protection, and agriculture and food supply. The new sustainable reservation required a discrete and finite master land-use plan document to be implemented over the course of five years. The plan includes a mixed-use commercial center and business incubator, community services center, elder care, foster child home, Village Green with playing fields, and 4 distinct neighborhoods, each with their own park and traditional crafts pavillion. The leadership adopted the planning and Phase 3 is currently under construction.

Plan Features:

· Community is arranged into 5 distinct neighborhood clusters, each with a central green.

· Neighborhood greens include native craft facilities. Each green links by uninterrupted pedestrian greenway to the central community green and ceremonial riverside area.

· Village Main Street is the entrance to the community and incorporates mixed use and live / work spaces. and introduces others to the Catawba culture and history.

· Central village green for sports, cultural events, and the beginning of processions to the riverside ceremonies.

· Work opportunities and occupational training are provided through home construction by the tribal members.

· Multi-generational concerns are addressed with foster home, assisted living, and community centers.

· Cultural expression through use of traditional symbols, agriculture, traditional crafts education and practice integral with neighborhoods.