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1: Internal Courtyard
The internal courtyard between the building units provides an area of community interaction. Areas such as this create spaces free from automobile traffic in which children can congregate safely. A stormwater treatment feature has also been added to the courtyard to promote watershed protection education.
2: Conservation Area
East Side Close uses the concept of offset density to create a conservation area occupying more than 50% of the site. It incorporates: Networked trails connecting to an adjacent green space of another Preston and Associates project: East Side Bungalows.

3: Courtyard and Home Design
The Courtyard homes in this project have individual private courtyards on one side. This allows a further layer of privacy for each of the building units. One of the design goals of this project is to provide multiple levels of privacy for the residents. The individual courtyards, communal courtyard, and greenspace create these various layers.

4: Pedestrian Oriented
The layout of this community was designed to privilege pedestrian access over automobile access. The amount of paving has been reduced to restrict the amount of car traffic, and to create more area for walking paths. Pedestrian oriented communities create greater community interaction, safer places for children to play, and a more quiet place to live.

  5: Watershed Protection
Watershed and stream protection have been incorporated into several features of this project. Reduced Paving limits erosion. Ample stream buffers protect stream banks, and increase the diversity of wildlife. A watershed protection feature has been added to the central courtyard to serve as an educational aid to the members of the community.