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Candler Park Neighborhood
Property Area
3.4 Acres
Land Preserved
60%, or 2.1 Acres
# Units
16 Attached Townhouses
Developer Entity
Village Habitat Design
Home Ownership
Fee Simple
Home Prices
Not Yet Offered For Sale
Preliminary Planning Phase

This planned community occupies two parcels of land connected by a wooded pedestrian easement. It is located in the historic neighborhood of Candler Park in
Atlanta. Its location provides any number of amenities within a ten minute walk including the Little 5 Points Village, Candler Park and golf course, and a MARTA rail stop.

The clusters of attached townhouses were designed into the site to leave as much 65 % of the property area undisturbed. Built into the plan is an organic garden on the Southern site, which will provide a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for the residents and local community.

A Village: Candler Valley Community is designed as a village. The homes will be arranged together to shape several out door living spaces available to the members of the community. The outdoor spaces will include courtyards, a green, unit pavers (brick, stone, etc. not poured paving like concrete or asphalt.), flowers, trees, vines (especially fruit bearing plants), furniture such as benches and sitting walls, fountains, a fire place, and other features. The exterior features of these outdoor rooms will be predominantly masonry. The village is designed for walking within and walking connection to the surrounding neighborhood.

Each home will be an expression of the individuality of its owners while it reinforces the aesthetic of the village. Each will be designed to be compatible with the village in terms of materials, size, detail, and quality. The village will be designed as a cohesive whole. The village, the landscaping, and each home will be designed by Village Habitat Design, LLC or Preston & Assoc., Inc. Each home will be customized to the needs and desires of the owner as long as it respects the overall design of the village. Artistic expression in the craft and adornments of the homes is encouraged.

Model sustainable systems (solar, storm water, etc.) will be designed and installed to enhance the aesthetic of the village. Alterations or additions to the homes will require architectural review.The visible parts of the community will be kept neat and orderly.

Candler Valley Community will be ecologically effective.

Conserve resources:
The community will endeavor to use all resources effectively and without waste wherever possible, whether resources are abundant or meager.The homes will be built to exceed the Earth Craft program’s standards by 25%. They will be built to meet the Creek Keeper standards of Peavine Watershed Alliance.The community will own some shared resources. The principle shared resources are the green space, the village common areas, and the common house. The common house will have features chosen by the residents that can replace underused spaces within conventional homes such as guest rooms, play room, workshop. This allows the homes to be smaller. The community may agree to own other shared resources.

Preserve green space:
The community will preserve at least 60% of the property for green space. This will include grass fields, vegetable gardens, woodland, and wetland areas. (Areas not considered to be green space are building footprints, hard paved areas, previous paved areas, decks, patios, compacted earth areas.) The community will also preserve mature trees on the property whenever possible.Landscaping of courtyards and other greenspaces will be done with native species or fruit bearing speciesThe community will use most of the site at the McLendon end for Community supported Agriculture. We will construct a cottage for the gardener to live in. Organic gardening methods will be used whenever we can.

The community will have an information board for ride and errand sharing. At the 1 primary village area one parking space will be reserved for a community owned shared vehicle. The community will be built to strengthen the links for walking within the community and with the surrounding neighborhood.

Candler Valley Community will be for people.
Like all living things, we must cultivate community for it to thrive. It will take time for the community to mature. Cohousing provides a well-developed model for community which is not ideological, but builds on the common interests of the participants. Candler Valley will be organized as a cohousing community. At the same time Candler Valley will be a place for privacy as well.

Resident participation:
Before the community structures are built the residents will be able to participate in the design of the common house, the landscape areas, and of course their own homes. Residents will be personally involved in the upkeep and cultivation of the landscape, hardscape, and common house.

Decision Making:
The community will make decisions by consensus, and not by unanimous agreement. Consensus decision-making requires flexibility on the part of individuals. Each person will be given an opportunity to be heard. Decisions will be made mindful that no decision should be harmful to any member of the community. When there is not general agreement, issues will be decided by vote of the homeowners. Percentage of agreement required will vary for different types of decisions.

Homes will be fee simple and owner occupied. Absentee rental of private homes will be allowed only under specific circumstances, and only by agreement of the community. As part of promoting diversity within the community, rental of a room or small apartment within an owner occupied home may be allowed with agreement from the community. In addition, the community may choose to own one or more homes for rental. Common areas will be owned by the residents one share per household.

The community will be a place for diversity. Homes of smaller than average size will be allowed. Co-purchase of homes will be encouraged. Quiet home occupation without vehicle traffic will be encouraged.