Community Supported Agriculture and the Return of the Small Farm

Greg Ramsey
"With the rise of corporate farming and the decline of small farming operations, Americans are increasingly disconnected from their food. Some are attempting to counteract this disconnect through local small farming operations known as Community Supported Agriculture."
Conservation Community Primer - Sample Chapters
Greg Ramsey and Clay Preston
Village Habitat Design's 34 page booklet on the primary principles of Conservation Communities. The booklet is available for $7.00 including postage. To get a copy, please send a check to:
Village Habitat Design, LLC 483 Moreland Ave. Suite 4 Atlanta, GA 30307
Passive Energy Applications for the Built Environment (15 MB PDF)
George H. Ramsey, Professor Georgia Institute of Technology
"Passive energy systems are the most dynamic energy innovation since the development of fossil fuels and the Model-T Ford."
Natural Human Habitat (8 MB PDF)
George H. Ramsey, Professor Georgia Institute of Technology
"The altruistic intent of the Club of 1000 is to foster, promote, research, and enco~rage by example a new energy-efficient environmentally~sound growth pattern in the United States."
Energy: Patterns, Planning, and Architecture. (4 MB PDF)
Mother Earth News: The Plowboy Papers
George H. Ramsey, Professor Georgia Institute of Technology
"Energy is also intimately linked with our current concepts of freedom of movement, expansion, consumption and growth. Its reduced availability accompanied by diminishing national resources, threatens our entire life pattern and uItimately will change all current thought in schools of planning and architecture. Ultimately, the reduced availability of energy will change society itself."


Site Design: Creating a Conservation Community
Regional Workshop: Conservation Planning
Educational Workshop: Land Conservation


A short video about Village Habitat Design


Capstone Partners
Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development

East Lake Commons
Ecological Engineering and Sustainable Strategies
Environmental Organization WebDirectory
SBN Business Opportunities
The Bioneers
The Cohousing Handbook Center
The Farm


A Pattern Language
Alexander, Christopher, 1977, Oxford University Press
ISBN 0195019199
Probably the best guidebook to designing the built environment.

Conservation Design for Subdivisions
Arendt, Randall, 1998, Island Press
ISBN 1-55963-489-8
The starting point for residential development that preserves land.

Planning Advisory Service, Report Number 487/488
Arendt, Randall, American Planning Association
Also by Randall Arendt, an excellent discussion of community designs past and present, and what makes them wonderful.

The Next American Metropolis
Calthorpe, Peter, 1993, Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN 1-878271-68-7
The best discussion of urban issues, and designing cities for livability and minimized ecological impact.

Best Development Practices
Ewing, Reid, 1997, Smart Growth Network
Hands on practical measures for improving real estate development.

Home From Nowhere
Kunstler, James Howard, 1996, Simon & Shuster
ISBN 0-684-81196-0
An excellent, witty description of the ills of conventional real estate development, and how it went wrong.

McCamant, Kathryn and Durrett, Charles, 1994, 10 Speed Press
ISBN 0-8915-539-8
The definitive work on Cohousing, the Danish intentional community model.

Mollison, Bill, 1990, Island Press
ISBN 1-55963-048-5
Bill Mollison's original guide to principles and practice of Permaculture.