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The New American Village


Differentiate Your Developments
With Exceptional Site Design

The surest way to make a product stand
out is to innovate in areas that competitors
ignore. In residential development, it is
difficult to break through the market if
every developer boasts of quality
construction and customizable homes.

The trick? Think outside the box. Uncover
value others have missed.

Now you have Village Habitat Design, an
award-winnning site design and
architectural firm. With Village Habitat
Design, you will think outside the box.

You see, most developers compete inside
the box, the four walls that constitute their
product. Few developers really think about
site design. Yet, the site constitutes the
total environment in which developers’
products are wrapped. And it offers
countless opportunities to significantly
enhance the value offered to buyers.

Beginning to get the picture?

In truth, site design rarely occurs.
Developers tell their engineers that they
want to build so many houses on so many
acres. Engineers then divide up the land in
nearly equal lots. That’s division, not
design. And the result is a subdivision, not
a community.

Design happens when many more
variables are considered, such as enhancing
the view from every house, creating
opportunities for neighbors to meet and
gather, carving out areas for play and
exploration, and increasing the inherent
level of security within a neighborhood.

This is what Village Habitat Design excels
at, designing striking and vibrant
communities. We believe in a concept of
home that extends to the total environment,
a space in which adventures abound,
friendships flourish and memories are

Here are just some of the many ways that
Village Habitat Communities are unique.

Inherent Sense of Community

  • Village-style design
  • Pedestrian-friendly environment
  • Inviting courtyards and gathering
    Incomparable Sense of Connectedness
  • Superior view planning
  • Continuity of character from buildings
    to streetscape to the surroundings
  • Integration of interior and exterior

Natural Areas to Explore & Play

  • Shared playfields
  • Wildlife areas
  • Water features

Safer Environment for Children

  • Reduced presence of automobiles
  • Increased eyes on streets

Benefits Developers Directly

  • Maximal developer rights
  • Reduced cost of infrastructure
  • Faster sales

Village Habitat Design: A Most
Decorated Company

Village Habitat Design has received
numerous awards for its elegant, yet breakthrough
designs. While we captured
several prizes in 2001, one stood out -- the
World Habitat Award. Our East Lake
Commons project won one of only two
awards given each year. Over 150 entries
from around the world competed. In
winning, East Lake Commons became the
first American private project to be so
honored in over 15 years. The community,
located in an urban environment just four
miles from downtown Atlanta, features a
village design and includes a common
house, a large playfield, walking paths,
several acres of organic farmland and
several acres of undeveloped wildlife
habitats. There is currently a waiting list
for these market rate and luxury homes.