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Property Potential Analysis Service


Village Habitat Design now helps developers
quickly assess the potential of any piece
of land. Our Property Potential Analysis
Service (PPAS) provides complete and
thorough reviews of prospective parcels
that result in a wider range of development
alternatives from which to choose. PPAS
clients will save time and/or money, as
well as gain a greater understanding of
what is possible.


  • Recommendations on minimizing adverse site conditions and maximizing favorable ones
  • Analysis of development rights
  • Alternative development scenarios
  • Summary of regulatory issues, e.g.
    comprehensive development plan,
    zoning, flood plain, etc.
  • Assessment of local attitudes, both
    government and neighbors

Key Benefits:
Break through the bureaucratic morass.
Regulatory bodies and neighborhood
associations can be the bane of developers.
VHD excels in relating to these parties and
can turn aggravation into assets. We can
save you from much pain over the shortterm
and make development easier for you
over the long-term.

Uncover problems and perks.
We have an
exceptional eye for what is right and wrong
with properties. We are especially strong at
transforming problems into amenities and
identifying high-value features that most
people overlook. The result: developers
frequently can charge more for what they

Expand the possibilities.
VHD delivers alternative product mixes based on density analysis and talks with government bodies. Clients receive an expanded set of strategies to help maximize their return on investment. This is articularly useful as local governments implement Smart Growth regulations, which VHD sees as opportunities as opposed to obstacles.

Optimize civil engineering expenditures. Home buyers want, more than ever, natural amenities and a greater sense of community. As site designers, we are ever conscious of that fact and examine properties with these priorities in mind. Thus, our recommendations on minimizing adverse conditions and maximizing favorable ones can help direct your engineering expenditures into higher value activities.

Cut analysis time up to 50%.
Many developers run lean. With VHD’s professionals and support staff, we can dedicate a team to evaluating your property and deliver results quickly. If an option on the land is involved, VHD’s speed in delivery can save you even more money.

When To Consider PPAS
There are times when turning to Village Habitat Design for PPAS makes all the sense in the world. Such times are:

  • When time is of the essence
  • When dealing with multiple parcels
  • When a parcel is particularly cramped
  • When a parcel is in a dense urban area
  • When a parcel appears to be difficult
    to develop
  • When dealing with governmental
    bodies is a significant variable

If you find yourself in any of the above
circumstances, please contact Village Habitat Design using the link above.