Intentional Communities

Intentional Communities

The following projects are designed as intentional communities. These projects place emphasis on bringing a portion of future residents together before any buildings are constructed so that they can form a social community and influence the planning and design of their future community.

Cohousing is one form of intentional community (East Lake Commons and Lake Claire Cohousing) though a Village-Conservation Community can also be an intentional community that brings future residents and surrounding neighbors together around preservation and connection to the land – natural habitats and farms/gardens.

Project Spotlight: East Lake Commons


East Lake Commons

The second cohousing community planned by Village Habitat Design in Georgia, East Lake Commons is located in a reemerging area of Atlanta.

Lake Claire Conservation Community

Lake Claire Cohousing Community is the first cohousing community in Georgia. It
is located in a prewar neighborhood within the city of Atlanta.

Candler Park

This conservation community occupies two parcels of land connected by a wooded pedestrian easement. It is located in the historic neighborhood of Candler Park in Atlanta. Its location provides any number of amenities within a ten minute walk of Little 5 Points Village.


Affordable cohousing community for the city of Asheville. 4 and 6 plex buildings developed to minimize building costs while emphasizing pedestrian streets, courtyards, village green and nature trails.

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