Land Conservation Workshop

The workshop teaches citizens, professionals, and local officials the tradition of walkable urban centers, neighborhoods, hamlets, and villages.

The Workshop

Join the workshop to improve the quality of life in your community, protect your natural resources, and leverage sustainable development opportunities.

Our Educational Workshop introduces planning that preserves wildlife habitats and farms and creates livable regions of networked pedestrian friendly neighborhoods, hamlets and villages.

Examples from our designs and consultations on national, regional, city-wide, and site-specific projects illustrate the revitalization of existing areas and the creation of new hamlets and villages.

Sample Outline

Village Habitat Design can modify the Educational Workshop to fit your needs. The length can vary from a half day to a full day.

The Educational Workshop focuses on three areas:

Educational Overview

  • In-town, urban fringe, and rural development.
  • Lessons from our design projects and communities.
  • Preserving wildlife habitat and agriculture and creating sustainable development opportunities.

Participant Needs

  • Discussion of the region or property’s potentials and problem areas.
  • Identification of participant needs and goals.

Visioning Exercies

  • Visioning exercises give participants experience applying conservation solutions to meet their needs and goals.

East Lake Commons marks a milestone in the field of community design, and is destined to become a major landmark in the progress of the planning profession. It demonstrates how social, architectural, spatial, and environmental values can be successfully combined in wonderfully innovative ways that work extremely well on multiple levels for their lucky inhabitants.

-Randall Arendt, Nationally recognized planning authority and author of Rural by Design, Growing Greener, and Crossroads, Hamlet, Village, Town.


Community Design Award

AIA National, HUD

World Habitat Award

United Nations

Design Sustainability Award

AIA Georgia Merit

Excellence Award for Sustainability

AIA Georgia 

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