We’re excited to announce Pendergrast Farm Conservation Community. Nestled steps away from Decatur and downtown, Atlanta, this new project includes twenty homes and an organic farm on five woodland acres. Preserving the rural character of a historic farm through conservation-oriented development, Pendergrast Farm prioritizes the following:

  • 60% of buildable area will be green space.
  • Pendergrast Farm will prioritize pedestrian walkways, sustainability, and wellness.
  • Community driven, focusing on nurturing inclusion, community and fellowship through group activities such as crafts, gardening, culinary activities, clubs and nature based recreational activities.
  • Sustainable construction with smart home technologies and healthy air systems.

From the Pendergrast Farm website, “Join us in creating a conservation community preserving the last key remnant of farm and woodland on Briarcliff Rd, where we emphasize sustainability of the land, fellowship with our neighbors and a community farm. We believe that homes can be healthy, efficient and timeless. We choose better over bigger, smarter over grander and health over expediency.”

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